Pumps, fittings and pipelines

By continually coming up with new developments, the chemical and petrochemical industries in particular are setting the pace for the industry.

Environmental considerations and more careful husbanding of resources are therefore becoming increasingly important. Sensitive processes must be shielded and polluting end products must be avoided wherever possible and must always be made safe and disposed of in the correct manner. Furthermore neutralised residual materials should be reintroduced into new processes and applications, i.e. recycled.
At the same time, the demands for the highest efficiency and improvements in service life illustrate the need for outstanding solutions that meet these inter-linked requirements in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.
Only high-performance, easily-maintainable and durable products meet our economic and environmental objectives.

We help you in the selection of materials from the range of highly corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant HÖVER Coralloy special alloys and HÖVER Coralloy stainless steels.

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