Turbines, compressors and engines

HÖVER Aeralloy special materials and steels are used in steam and gas turbine engineering and in compressor technology.
The demands for highest efficiency and improvements in service life illustrate the need for outstanding solutions. To withstand increasing inlet temperatures, materials with excellent creep strength and resistance to high-temperature corrosion are required.
We help you in the selection of top-quality, advanced HÖVER Aeralloy materials. Highly purified, thoroughly and purposefully worked and heat-treated, they enable you to exploit fully the potential of process engineering.

We manufacture according to

  • drawings (rough-machined or finished)
  • delivery instructions
  • regulations


  • open-die forgings
  • seamless forged and rolled rings
  • forged discs
  • stepped shafts or as bar stock

made of

  • special steels melted under conditions to maintain high purity
  • stainless steels
  • nickel and nickel-base alloys
  • titanium and titanium alloys
  • cobalt alloys
  • zirconium

for example

  • with special heat treatment
  • fully inspected and certified

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