The next generation of special technology

We support you all the way, from manufacturing the prototype to the series product, providing materials to suit you needs and shaped parts for the production of structures and drives.

We help you in the selection of materials from the range of Höverstahl Aeralloy special alloys and steels that have been melted under conditions to maintain high purity, purposefully worked and heat-treated, so that they possess optimal mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. The perfect solution to your problem. Produced by experts for experts.

Reliability that creates confidence.

We manufacture according to

  • drawings (rough-machined or finished)
  • delivery instructions
  • regulations


  • stepped shafts or as bar stock
  • open-die forgings
  • seamless forged and rolled rings
  • forged discs

made of

  • special steels melted under conditions to maintain high purity
  • stainless steels
  • nickel and nickel-base alloys
  • titanium and titanium alloys
  • cobalt alloys
  • zirconium

for example

  • with special heat treatment
  • fully tested and certified
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