Separators and centrifuges

In mechanical separation technology, separators and decanters form part of the sedimentation or decanter centrifuges group. They are used for concentrating solids, clearing suspensions and separating liquid mixtures while simultaneously separating out solids.

The possible areas of application for separators and decanters and the range of products that may be cleared, separated, concentrated or extracted in this way are diverse.

Depending on the application and the particular medium, materials possessing certain guaranteed properties are required and tests must be carried out to check compliance with customer specifications or regulations.

We manufacture according to

  • drawings (rough-machined or finished)
  • delivery instructions
  • regulations


  • stepped shafts or as bar stock
  • open-die forgings
  • seamless forged and rolled rings
  • forged discs

made of

  • special steels melted under conditions to maintain high purity
  • stainless steels
  • nickel and nickel-base alloys
  • titanium and titanium alloys
  • cobalt alloys
  • zirconium

for example

  • with special heat treatment
  • fully tested and certified

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