The world's most modern ring rolling plant

designed for rings with an outside diameter of up to 3,000 mm and a maximum height of 600 mm.

The manufacturing process can be repeated at any time!


  • Automatic volume distribution according to the specified distribution ratio for the shell thickness dh/ds.
  • Variable power control
  • Automatic ring displacement depending on the axial support strength
  • Constant temperature control during the rolling process
  • Installed control software for rolling solid pulleys and flanges
  • Position control by means of laser signals
  • Dynamic final phase rolling

Rolling technique for materials that are difficult to form:

  • Computer-controlled adjustment of the guide roll gap to prevent uneven rolling
  • The world's most modern control software for rolling nickel-base and titanium materials. Example of a roll curve according to the titanium rolling technique


Redesigned heat treatment plant,

designed for rings with an outside diameter of up to 3,500 mm.
The maximum charging weight is 10 tonnes.


  • Temperature range: 500 °C to 1,260 °C
  • Pyrometry: in accordance with the rules of the Aerospace Materials Specification AMS 2750
  • Firing using flat jet burners and convection burners to achieve the best possible temperature distribution in the usable furnace space
  • Gas-air mixture regulation with hot air temperature compensation and lambda control
  • Thermocouple self-monitoring by independently applied measurement and control systems
  • Automatic charging and discharging of the material being treated, e.g. the maximum delay time until the item is completely quenched in water is: < 30 sec.
  • 60,000-litre water vessel
  • 60,000-litre polymer vessel
    The concentration and temperature of the polymer bath can be controlled

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