Mechanical processing

We supply:

Rough-machined turned, milled, drilled, ground:

  • bars, plates, pieces, discs, rings, bushings and mouldings. These may also have openings, recesses and bores of all types

Finished according to drawings and specifications:

  • Examples of cold-work tools:
    complete roller sets for profile and tube rolling mills or individual work, calibrating, welding and leveller rolls; bending, folding and cutting tools; pressing moulds for ceramic and plastic materials; cold pilger rolling tools, cold-extrusion tools; tool holding fixtures and mould frames; axles, shafts and spindles
  • Examples of hot-work tools:
    equipment for the extrusion and tube extrusion industry, such as round and flat billet containers (re-lining), moulding plugs, mandrels, mandrel holders, dummy blocks, die holders, rear supports and bases; piercing and pilger mandrels, push bench rollers; tools for the die casting industry;
    forging dies that are finished, hardened and tempered except for the impression, nut dies, hot-extrusion tools

Special tools according to plans:

  • Our specialists will be pleased to offer advice on determining an economical and cost-effective design for finished products

Range of dimensions:

  • Turning
    up to 1,600 Ø and 8,000 mm in length
    up to 2,400 Ø and 1,800 mm in length
  • Centreless rough turning
    from 20 to 100 Ø, 2,500 to 5,000 mm in length
    Milling up to 2,000 mm in width and 2,000 mm in height
    up to 6,000 mm in length
  • Grinding
    up to 500 Ø and 2,000 mm in length
    up to 1,400 Ø and 500 mm in length
    up to 1,250 mm in width and 1,250 mm in height
    up to 3,000 mm in length
  • Honing
    up to 600 Ø and 6,000 mm in length
  • Deep-hole drilling
    up to 250 Ø and 5,000 mm in length

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