Tell us your requirements and we will supply blanks / workpieces of the appropriate quality and design:

as bar steel

  • round up to 700 mm diameter, rectangular up to 700 mm square
  • flat up to 1,400 mm wide, width / thickness ratio
    up to 10:1, bar weight up to approx. 15,000 kg
  • hexagonal, octagonal, half-round and trapezoidal dimensions, special profiles on request

as discs and anvil insets

  • up to 1,800 mm Ø, max. weight approx. 10,000 kg

as pieces forged on all sides,

  • max. weight approx. 12,000 kg

as seamless forged rings

  • up to 2,000 mm Ø, max. weight approx. 5,000 kg

as open-die forgings

  • according to drawing

Special materials such as titanium alloys are also available.

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