Among the different categories of stainless steels, tool steels are defined by their specific properties for forming and working metals and other materials. These properties are determined by the alloying elements used and the analytical composition, by heat treatment that takes into account both the composition and the intended purpose of the steel, and by special manufacturing processes.
Thanks to our comprehensive and varied scope of manufacturing options, ranging from our own steelworks to forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing, we are able to meet the specific requirements for a particular industrial application.

Our high degree of vertical integration offers our customers the advantage that a single source is responsible for the entire manufacturing process, thus eliminating the additional risks involved in matching materials, heat treatment and machining.

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To ensure that our products reach our customers quickly, we hold extensive stocks of fabricated and finished materials the range of which is continuously amended to match the demands.

ESR steels
Certain steels that are subject to specific requirements are available in ESR (electroslag remelting process) grades. By remelting using to the ESR process, it is possible to manufacture ingots that have a higher degree of purity, significantly less central segregation and an optimum crystalline structure.

The advantages are evident in:
  • higher transverse toughness
  • achievement of the longitudinal and transverse properties required
  • improved ability to be polished
  • better hardening behaviour

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