Extrusion containers do not simply have round inside glands ...

Extrusion technology is used for the manufacture of profiles, bars and tubes of light alloys, heavy metal or steel. Either direct or indirect extrusion is used depending on the material and final product.

Over the past few years, billet containers have developed into high-tech tools. The selection of materials, shrinkage characteristics, heating systems and mechanical design all play a major role today in determining the structure and cost-effectiveness of these tools.

As a result of the constant exchange of experience with plant constructors and operators, our billet containers have become essential high-performance components of advanced extruders.

Furthermore, the quality and service life of the tools affect the cost-effectiveness of the extrusion process. Using our special manufacturing processes, we produce steels that have excellent toughness and wear resistance when exposed to high temperatures and when used in critical tool components. With our extensive range of services, we are able to supply the extrusion industry with ready-to-install tools (such as stamps, mandrels, dummy blocks and die holders).

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