Complex pressure die castings demand superior hot-work tool steels ...

Die casting is not only a traditional, but also an innovative process for manufacturing large quantities of finished products with complex forms and close tolerances. Cost-effectiveness and quality are closely related to the performance of the moulds that are used and the tool steels of which they are made.

The first stage of cooperation with our customers is therefore to jointly consider the design of the moulds and the associated quality requirements. The use of isotropic ESR (electroslag remelting process) materials in the process of forging blanks on all sides (so-called 3D forging) is one of the essential prerequisites for the manufacture of high-performance impression blocks.

Heat treatment is an extremely important factor in determining the service life of the tools. On reaching agreement with the customer, the structural treatment and the hardening process is performed in in-house vacuum plants designed especially for this purpose.

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